Oregon Certified Agricultural Mediation Program (OCAMP)

Mediation is a way to resolve disputes using an impartial person to assist parties negotiate their differences. OCAMP’s services are free to USDA agencies and free to low cost to the statewide agricultural community.  

Our highly trained mediators can help address common farming disputes such as loan modifications or restructuring, foreclosure, wetland determinations, chemical use, as well as other conflicts that come up between farmers, families and neighbors. Mediation can help resolve agricultural disputes efficiently, saving all parties time and money.

The Oregon USDA Certified Agricultural Mediation Program (OCAMP) is the official United States Department of Agriculture certified agricultural mediation program for Oregon. Learn more about this program through FSA Fact Sheet and Coalition of Agricultural Mediation Programs. 

What kinds of agricultural disputes can be mediated?
  • Adverse Decisions from USDA agencies 
  • Compliance Issues with USDA Farm and Conservation Programs 
  • Farm and Rural Development Loans 
  • Farm Credit/Debt Issues 
  • Wetlands Determinations 
  • Crop Insurance 
  • Pesticide, Land Leasing, and Grazing Issues 
  • Conflicting Agricultural Practices 
  • Organic Certification Disputes 
  • Farm Transitions and Succession 
  • Farm Labor Disputes 
  • Any dispute involving a producer or USDA agency  
  • Parties may initiate mediation as prevention, prior to an adverse decision 
How much does mediation cost?

OCAMP provides free mediation services to the agricultural community in Oregon on issues involving a USDA agency. For other agricultural issues, OCAMP will provide the first four hours of mediation services free of charge. At that point, a rate of $100/hour will be charged to each party for additional services. A sliding scale can be applied as appropriate.

How do I request mediation through OCAMP?

Request mediation in one of three ways:  

Mail:  Oregon Certified Agricultural Mediation Program 

PO Box 1594 

Hood River, OR 97031 


Phone: 541-386-1283 

If the dispute involves an adverse determination from a USDA agency, provide this letter with the request for mediation. OCAMP mediators will conduct one-on-one confidential interviews with each party to learn background information about the dispute. Discussion of new information and potential solutions may occur throughout the mediation process.